Takahashi TOA-130
Configuration 組態 Triplet三合透鏡
Aperture 口徑 130mm
Focal length 焦距 1000mm
Focal ratio 焦比 F/7.7
Resolution 解像度 0.89 arc second
Limiting magnitude 極限星等 12.3
Light gathering power 集光力 345X
Focal length w/ reducer 用縮焦器時焦距 754mm
Focal ratio w/ reducer 用縮焦器時焦比 F/5.8
Image circle 影像圈 52mm(60% illuminated)
25mm (100% illuminated)
Photographic field 攝影視場 3.8°
Star image at the centre 視場中心星像大小 1 micron
Star image at the edge 視場週邊星像大小 15 micron
Finder scope 尋星鏡 7x50 6.3°
Focuser 調焦器 68mm (2.7")
Back focus from 2" adapter/ end of OTA 2"接環後焦距/ 鏡筒本體末端 160mm/ 256mm
Length of the main tube with dew shield extended 露罩伸長時主鏡筒長度 1145mm(S)
Length of the main tube with dew shield retracted 露罩縮短時主鏡筒長度 1012mm(S)
Diameter of the dew shield 露罩外徑 179mm
Tube Diameter 鏡筒径 156mm
Weight of the main tube assembly 主鏡筒組重量 10.5kg(S)